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We are interested in what we can do for an elderly neighbor who lives upstairs from us. He is suffering from Alzheimers'. He is being given inadequate care by a former in-law. His apartment is filthy and infested with roaches.

He is a Prisoner-of War Veteran. It is obvious he needs around the clock care. He is being taken advantage of physically, emotionally and financially by those closest to him. Please advise a course to help our dear neighbor.

Your staffs quick action to contact the Lancaster County Office of Aging was much appreciated. We had know idea who to contact.  I know your staff didn't have to take the time to help us like they did but I can see from first hand experience your company is truly committed to helping seniors.

Thank you and God Bless.

T. Little


Just got the opportunity to check out your website. It is very informative and very user friendly. You all are doing such a great job. As I mentioned in our conversation I really enjoyed the magazine and look forward to all the upcoming issues.

J. Eckler

My name is Becky Harris.  I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoy your web site and magazine. It is truly a classy magazine & touches the lives of so many family members in such a meaningful way. You have certainly done a great job! Congratulations!


I just wanted to sit down and write a note, I engrossed myself in each article and I wanted to read it in it’s entirety before sending you this email.

It is a wonderful publication! You will reach so many family members with these great articles and helpful sources.

I must praise you, again, for this great publication. You will touch so very many people in need of varying kinds of help. With the articles and sources you have given them, you are providing guidance and comfort when they've not known in which direction to turn. Each article is relevant and the magazine will be passed from hand to hand to maximize its reach.

You have first-hand experience and friends who are experiencing life in an undesirable way. With your foresight and with perseverance, your magazine and website will be a real and continued blessing to others.

M. Sealey

We had a walk-in yesterday to our nursing home and they stated to Jennifer Hawthorn that they opened up The Senior Living Guide Magazine and saw our ad in the magazine and the wife told her husband, “that's the home we want to live in”.  And the ads look absolutely awesome and so ‘rich'. We've had three walk-ins in the past couple days all from The Senior Living Guide Magazine.

Just wanted to let you know.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Susan Clark

We are very pleased with the results of our advertising with The Senior Living Guide magazine. We have been advertising annually with local newspapers for several years with no returns on our investment. We consider The Senior Living Guide magazine and website an indispensable element in our marketing campaign.

The Senior Living Guide magazine is one of the best senior publications in the U.S.  The Senior Living Guide magazine provides high-quality content to our target demographic audience. Production quality is superb and there is a noteworthy balance between advertising and editorial content.

Most importantly, it has been a pleasure to work with the staff and sales team. They are extremely professional and courteous.

Thank you for all of your assistance in this essential part of our marketing campaign!"

Wendy Thompson,
Managing Director

"When I realized that it was time to move my mom closer to us, I wasn't sure how to choose the right care community. Thankfully, I was referred to the Senior Living Guide magazine website and it was a lifesaver. My mom is now living close by in a beautiful home, where she is continuing her lifestyle as a volunteer reading to children at Head Start, playing cards, going to the opera and even patio gardening.

We appreciated your help more than you'll ever know.

Barbara Heaton

"I thank you for finding me the perfect retirement home. The friendliness of the staff and residents makes every day enjoyable. I continue my physical fitness program, browse the internet and even have a place to display my model ship! The live musical entertainment and book reviews all combine to make this a wonderful experience. Your qualifications and ability to help seniors select a suitable retirement home are remarkable. I will recommend you to everyone."

Stanley C.

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