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Senior Living Guide
The Senior Living Guide

"We Care"

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Walk the Web with GoSeniors

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Welcome to The Senior Living Guide on  - - where knowledge is power, you just don’t have to pay for it!  The Senior Living Guide Online is an interactive web site that is based on a Senior Living Guide magazine.  We do the research so you don’t have to because we are people who genuinely care about people! 

The Senior Living Guide Online magazine is a free public service, which draws from 40 years of personal medical experience in health care. The magazine’s purpose is to educate today’s baby boomers, and people in general, about the complex issues surrounding aging elders and to enable people to find appropriate senior care options and services. 

Our vision is to create and foster an environment where people know they can come to, trust in, and have faith that they are taken seriously and know that they will not be taken advantage of.

The Senior Living Guide will keep you abreast of today’s constantly changing healthcare issues, by providing you with up-to-date medical and medical-related news, as well as Congressional and Capitol Hill decisions directly related to YOUR health care.  Along with Helpful and Interesting Links for additional medical-related information, The Senior Living Guide online magazine will also provide you with current Health Care News Links from top medical experts, such as the FDA, CDC, The Mayo Clinic, etc. 

We like to hear from our visitors as well.  If you would like to contact The Senior Living Guide to submit a new idea for the website, or for general questions, please feel free to do so.  We also accept published articles and are always looking for new and up-to-date material to keep people aware of healthcare issues.

In short, The Senior Living Guide is dedicated to the basic premise that PEOPLE are the greatest resource - - regardless of age.  We are genuinely concerned about your health and healthcare and we want to enable you to make the best decisions about both.  We care!

New on The Senior Living Guide Online Magazine!
Medicare 5 Star Ratings! (Click Here) 

This feature enables you to search facilities overall Medicare ratings by State, County, City, Zip Code, Featured or Preferred Listing, Medicare LTC Overall Quality Rating and/or Text Search. The Five-Star Long Term Care Quality Rating System was created to help consumers, their families, and caregivers identify and compare nursing homes. 

The Senior Living Guide Online includes these innovative features: 
  • .
      Access to our free senior listings and businesses database by clicking on the “Search Listings” link;
      The ability to contact a listing via email by clicking on the “Contact This Listing” link;
      The ability to assign a listing to a person’s favorites by clicking on the “Add to Favorites” link;
      The ability to have a “Printer Friendly Version this Page”;
      The ability to “Email This Listing to a Friend”;
      The ability to view a map of the area around each facility, which is integrated with Google Maps; and
      Conduct a Neighborhood profile for each listing by clicking on the “Neighborhood Profile” link;
      The ability to review our Medicare Long Term Care Overall Ratings database.  Search Facilities by State, County, City, Zip Code, Featured or Preferred Listing, Medicare LTC Overall Quality Rating and/or Text Search.

  • Conducting searches for facilities’ or businesses through the “Search Listings” link:

      Select the Type(s) of Facility or Business for which a search should be conducted
      Choose how the search should be completed by selecting on the following methods:
  •   State, County, City, Zip, Featured or Preferred Lising, Text Search, or Show only listings with images.

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  • The Senior Living Guide Online Magazine
  • The Senior Living Guide Online Magazine
  • The Senior Living Guide Online Magazine
  • The Senior Living Guide Online Magazine
  • The Senior Living Guide Online Magazine
  • The Senior Living Guide Online Magazine
  • The Senior Living Guide Online Magazine
  • The Senior Living Guide Online Magazine